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Empowering you to experience good health for the long term

Kondor Pharma's story begins with science.

During a trip to the Middle East, the co-founder of Kondor Pharma, Ali Riazi, sought and met with scientists with expertise in herbal medicine that are traditionally used in the region. He decided to pursue a research collaboration with the team to investigate the application of the plant extracts and their bioactive compounds for managing conditions associated with chronic inflammation.

Around this same time, emerging scientific data was being published from leading research groups around the globe showing a strong link between neuroinflammation and neurodegenerative diseases such as in Alzheimer’s disease.

Armed with this promising new research direction, the team decided to further study certain plant extracts and herbs to reduce neuroinflammation and therefore improve memory. One of those ingredients was boswellia, known as kondor in Persian.

Boswellia has a long history of use in the Middle East for memory and brain health. As a cultural belief, future mothers would ingest boswellia tree bark resin during their pregnancy to boost their kids’ cognitive and learning capability. According to historical lore, Avicenna, the great Persian polymath and physician, used boswellia and myrrh to treat patients with amnesia. Numerous modern scientific studies also support the memory and cognitive benefits of boswellia.


The founders brought together a scientific and clinical team with sound experience in botanical research and development of plant-based products. Given the great unmet medical need in Alzheimer’s disease, the team conducted a pilot human trial on Alzheimer’s patients with a boswellia extract standardized and enriched for specific plant active compounds. The positive result on cognitive improvement and inflammation of this study encouraged the founders to establish Kondor Pharma. 

Soon after company inception, Laurent Balenci, a neuroscientist and healthcare strategist, joined Kondor as chief operating officer to assist us with our business strategy along with product development and registration.

Kondor Pharma’s mission is to develop natural, plant-based health products that harness the power of boswellia to help prevent memory loss and other inflammation-related conditions which become more prominent as we age. It is the company’s hope that tackling these vulnerabilities through clinically proven natural products will help older adults enjoy a better and healthier aging experience.

Today, Kondor Pharma proudly develops its products in Canada for worldwide distribution online.

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