Carefully sourced, expertly manufactured

We believe in being transparent about where ingredients are sourced from and how they are manufactured and tested

In sharing this information, we aim to give you peace of mind that what you are consuming is safe and of the highest quality.

Together with our scientific and operational teams, we source our ingredients mainly from carefully vetted suppliers in the Middle East and North Africa where most of the medicinal herbs we use in our products grow naturally in their habitats.

Formulated, bottled & packaged in Canada

The ingredients are formulated, bottled, and packaged at our partner manufacturing facility in Prince Edward Island, Canada, according to Good Manufacturing Practices.

The ingredients are rigorously tested in our laboratory and at our partner manufacturing facility to ensure they meet all Health Canada quality guidelines to confirm their purity, quality, and potency, as well as U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements for human consumption.

We only use the best ingredients available with no bulking agents or fillers. This confirms our products are not contaminated and that all plant extracts are standardized accordingly.

At Kondor Pharma, we are aware and conscience of harms that over-harvesting can do to the plant population and diversity.

We strive to follow practices that do not cause environmental damage and work with suppliers that not only provide top-quality raw materials, but also use sustainable practices.

Kondor Pharma invests a percentage of its revenue toward plantation of trees and herbs in their natural environment.

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