The Relief Action of Ayurvedic Boswellia to Manage Joint Swelling

Plants have been part of the Ayurvedic medicine system for centuries. These plants include Boswellia, a species of native Indian plants, that has shown relief of joint swelling due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Numerous natural relief supplements leverage the medicinal properties of plants. Genuwell Joint Health developed by Kondor Pharma is unique as the product is specially formulated from a Boswellia serrata extract that is enriched for specific plant constituents to optimize joint swelling and pain relief effects. . Several studies show that Boswellia extracts can reduce joint inflammation and swelling, and improves range of motion and walking abilities. Getting rid of detrimental inflammation with plants is a great and natural way to help with arthritis of the knee and other joint diseases.

Causes of Joint Swelling

A joint is an area where two or more bones meet and consist of muscles, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments. Joints are prone to inflammation and include the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, and spinal joints.
Swelling around the joint can happen at any age due to joint or soft tissue injury, excess weight on the joint, or arthritis—a common and chronic inflammatory condition. Common types of arthritis include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout, and are typically seen in adults 40 years and older.
Age-related wear and tear and the loss of fluid meant to keep the joints lubricated are common reasons for joint problems such as lasting inflammation, swelling, pain, and stiffness. Another factor is the buildup of fluid in the soft tissue meant to protect the joints. Regardless of the cause, swollen joints often lead to trouble moving, bending, and interfere with daily functions.

How Are Swollen Joints Treated?

Depending on the cause, applying heat or ice to the affected area can help ease the symptoms. Medical treatments include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and corticosteroids, which are commonly prescribed to treat inflammation symptoms caused by injury or osteoarthritis.
But many people prefer to take an Ayurvedic approach to tackle pain and other symptoms associated with joint swelling. They recognize the potential health risks of using NSAIDs and other drugs on a long-term basis such as peptic ulcer disease, kidney disease, and heart disease. In comparison, organic plant-based supplements such as Genuwell Joint Health are effective and much safer than drugs.

Ayurvedic Management of Joint Swelling

Herbal remedies have a wide range of therapeutic effects and can be used to manage swelling and pain of the knee and other joints. Ayurvedic Boswellia plant contains active molecules that can reduce, suppress or prevent inflammation from settling in.
Researchers ran a clinical trial to test the effects of Boswellia serrata extract (BSE) on patients with osteoarthritis. They found that BSE has anti-inflammatory properties that can provide knee pain and joint swelling relief. People who took BSE also experienced increased knee flexion and walking distance.  Boswellia serrata is also known for its anti-arthritic and analgesic abilities.
Therefore, researchers recommend the herb as a possible therapy for knee osteoarthritis and other types of arthritis.

Herbal Joint Health Supplement at Kondor Pharma

Genuwell Joint Health offers Ayurvedic management of joint pain and swelling in a bottle. The supplement is safe and clinically tested on osteoarthritis patients with positive results. Health Canada also approved health claims around joint health, pain, and swelling associated with osteoarthritis of the knee. Please feel free to reach out to  Kondor Pharma at or at +1-800-892-6981 to find out how Genuwell can help you.

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