Kondor Pharma Establishes New Subsidiary, HealthWeX Inc.

Kondor Pharma today announced establishing a new subsidiary, HelathWeX Inc. The company will provide pre-clinical and clinical trial services to nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry clients. HealthWeX will assemble a team of clinicians and scientists to develop programs and services around our core strength of conducting clinical trials for neurological diseases. Other areas of interest currently under development are clinical trials for brain tumors and joint pain.

Our intention is to cater to nutraceuticals developers or pharma clients interested in conducting pilot human trials for clinical validation of their investigational drug, preceding larger pivotal clinical trials, said Dr. Somayeh Mahmoodi, associate director of clinical affairs at Kondor Pharma and CEO of HealthWeX.

HealthWeX welcomes partnership and collaboration with companies engaged in drug development for various diseases. For further information please contact s.mahmoodi@healthwex.com

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