How Can Bacopa Monnieri Help Support Your Memory?

You probably already know that your body’s physical health is important, but have you given enough thought to your brain’s health? Your brain manages your organs, tissues, actions and feelings, collects experiences and information and stores information. In particular, your memory can greatly impact your day-to-day life, as well as your most important relationships with your loved ones.

The good news is it is never too late to take control and support your memory health. There are so many things that can affect your brain and memory and so few key things or actions you can do to protect it before you begin to experience brain fog, lack of concentration, small memory gaps and more serious short or long-term memory loss. Read on to learn more about how you can retain your precious memory as long as possible using a special plant called Bacopa monnieri.

What Is Bacopa Monnieri?

If you’re familiar with Ayurvedic medicine – an alternative medicine system heavily practiced in Nepal and India by approximately 80% of the population – you may have already heard about Bacopa monnieri. This water-loving plant, which also goes by the more colloquial names brahmi, thyme-leaved gratiola, herb of grace or water hyssop, is an important part of Ayurvedic medicine. This important medicinal plant grows in wet tropical places and can thrive in underwater environments.

How is Bacopa Monnieri Traditionally Used?

Traditionally utilized by Ayurvedic practitioners, Bacopa monnieri has been used for centuries to help improve memory, treat epilepsy, boost brain function and reduce anxiety and stress.

It is a class of molecules called “bacosides” found in the Bacopa monnieri that gives these health benefits to users.

How Can Bacopa Monnieri Benefit Your Memory?

According to research into Bacopa monnieri, this plant may help boost your brain health and help you maintain your memory function. In a study where Bacopa monnieri was given to mice, it was proven that when mice were supplemented with the plant, they showed improvement in terms of learning and information retention.

There was also a 12-week study of 46 healthy adults who were prescribed 300 mg of Bacopa monnieri on a daily basis. The adults who took part in this study demonstrated a significant improvement in their ability to process visual information. Memory and learning rates were also improved when compared to the placebo treatment.

In yet another 12-week-long study, 60 mature adults took either 300 mg or 600 mg of the active plant extract daily and experienced improved attention and better memory recall. The mature adults were also able to process information more effectively when compared to the placebo treatment.

Where Can I Find Bacopa Monnieri?

If Bacopa monnieri sounds like it could be of benefit to your brain’s health, look no further than Memowell™ made by Kondor Pharma. If your memory is failing you, or if you’re finding it more difficult to stay focused, Memowell™ may be the right supplement for you.

Memowell™ combines both Bacopa monnieri plant extracts with Boswellia serrata (also known as Indian Frankincense) to help support your brain focus and memory function. Both plants contain active molecules that are regularly used in traditional Persian & Ayurvedic medicine because of their anti-inflammatory medicinal properties as well as their benefit to your brain health.

Memowell™ can help bring you the mental clarity you need to live a happy, productive life.

When you’re ready to take action, look to Memowell™ as a way to support your brain and memory health.


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