Development Process

From nature to bottle

The product development journey involves careful research and testing.

In our product development process, we use a unique research platform that helps us identify active ingredients sourced from nature to produce high-quality and effective wellness products.

Our product development process begins with identifying plant extracts that are scientifically active in the human body. Every batch of our wellness products, as well as individual raw materials, are subjected to extensive testing for quality and efficacy.

We ensure that the medicinal, active compounds in the extracts and final product are present in adequate amounts using various analytical testing.

The anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory function of each of the ingredients and final products are evaluated in relevant human cell-based assays called functional cell assays.

We also regularly test and evaluate the neuroprotective effects of the ingredients used in our products.

Plant Extract

  • Ingredients Content
  • Isolation
  • Standardized Formulation
  • Quality Control

Various analytical testing is used to confirm that the extracts present in the final product are in adequate amounts.

All our products company with Health Canada’s regulations for natural health product quality.

Functional Assay

  • Screening
  • Efficacy
  • Validation

Human-based cell assays are used to evaluate the anti-inflammatory function of each ingredient. We also regularly test to confirm the neuroprotective effects of the ingredients in our products.

Effective Natural Products

Next, we identify new targets using experimental and computational research.

This allows us to address unmet medical needs. In this way, we are able to look at the body of scientific literature and determine how each ingredient impacts health concerns associated with aging.

The most important phase is clinical research. This starts with conducting clinical proof-of-concept human trials in participants. The results help support efficacy and safety of the botanical extracts.

Clinical Trials

Randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials in human participants help support ingredient efficacy

View our in-house clinical trial on boswellia.


  • Analyses
  • Efficacy
  • Safety

To verify how each ingredient acts in the body once consumed, clinically relevant biomarkers are evaluated for each health indication.

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