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Embrace the Natural Healing Power of Herbal Supplements

At Kondor, we care about your health and wellness. We want you to stay healthy, active, sharp, independent for as long as possible, so you can enjoy doing what you love. We source, study and test high-quality ingredients to offer affordable, natural, and effective health solutions for preserving your brain, body and immune health.

Nature-inspired, science-backed products

Our natural health product development platform


Identify relevant, cutting-edge scientific and clinical studies and medical information about specific plants and ingredients


Source the highest-quality, purest and most effective raw ingredients from around the world.


Rigorous quality control standards for raw material testing and product release for authenticity, efficacy and safety.

Who are we?

Kondor Pharma aims to deliver high-quality, science-driven, effective, clinically-proven natural products that address health needs or issues of young and aging populations. Your health and wellness matter to us. Kondor Pharma proudly develops and manufactures its products in Canada and is headquartered in Ontario. We have a dedicated team of experienced scientists and medical experts passionate about developing natural health products for enhancing quality of life, health and longevity.

Our Vision

A world where you can live longer, healthier and enjoy every aspect of life, work and play.

Our Missions

Empowering you to experience good health and to enjoy life by providing the finest natural health solutions, whole foods, and supplements.

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